Eminem Net Worth

Eminem Net Worth: Eminem whose real name is Marshall Mathers is one of the well-known and famous American, record producer, rapper, actor and best selling hip-hop artists of the 21st century. According to Forbs and many other sources, Eminem net worth is $190 million.

1) Who is Eminem?

The real name of Eminem is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He was born on October 17, 1972, and has an age of 48 years. He was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, united state. When he was born his mother age was 15 years. His father Marshall Bruce Mathers left him six months later after his birth and had never come back. He was in very trouble because at that time he has no place to reside. Eminem spends most of his childhood moving back and forth between suburban Detroit, Michigan and Saint Joseph. It was very difficult for a teenage mother to live in the public housing system.  When his age became 12, he settled on the Eastside of Detroit.

eminem net worth

Eminem net worth

2) Education

His mother Deborah R.Nelson-Mathers admit Eminem in Lincoln High School in Warren. He studied for 3 years from 1986 to 1989. Mostly Marshall left the school after every three to four months because he has no permanent place to reside. It was very difficult for Marshall to make friends and stay out the problems. Also, he has no interest in school. He fails three times in grade 9th. He said I have no interest to study because He wants to become a rapper.

3) Family

Eminem father name was Marshall Bruce Mathers and mother name was Deborah R.Nelson-Mathers. His father left the Marshall after his birth. He has three siblings, two half-brothers of names Micheal Mathers and Nathan Kane Samar and has a half-sister of name Sarah Mathers. Eminem sister said that She came to know that Eminem is her brother in 2005. His wife name is Kimberley Anne Scott. They have three daughters of names Alaina Marie Mathers, Halie Jade, and Whitney Scot Mathers.

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4) Career

Eminem was very interested to become a rapper. He started his rapper career seriously at the age of 14. First Eminem joins his friend Mike Ruby to perform rap practice. They make a name for himself called ”Manix” and ”M&M”. When Marshall became 17 years old, He made a name for himself, Eminem which was taken from his initial real name M”Marshall” and M”Mathers”.

Marshall Mathers was interested to become a popular rapper. In the beginning, he was not accepted by people. He started hard work and struggle to improve himself and become a qualified rapper. He wanted to get offers from others rapper groups, He joined a group called ”New Jack” and later he moved to another group ‘Soul Intent’, a band from where Eminem brought out a song in 1995 with his friend Proof.

His friend Proof enjoyed work with Eminem. He asked the Eminem to left the ”Soul Intent” group and start their own new group. Eminem formed a new group with Proof and his other 4 friends and named the group ”D12”. They joined more other famous rappers Bizarre and Kon Artis in his group and produce several successful records like  ‘Fight Music’, ‘Shit on You’, and ‘How Come’.

In 1996, Eminem records his first album of name ” infinite”. He recorded this album on his life and include the songs about his struggles when he faced after his daughter birth. In 1997, Eminem goes with his family to his mother home because of very poverty.

In 1997 He took participation in the Ram Olympic and got the 2nd position. ”Aftermath Entertainment” owner Dr Dre when heard a copy of his album ‘Slim Shady EP (Extended Play)’, He became very impressed and expressed his intention to work with Eminem in near future.

In February 1999, Dr Dre helped Eminem to bring out a new album of the name ‘The Slim Shady LP’. Releasing his album ‘The Slim Shady LP’ got viral in few days and the rap artist Eminem immediately became to fame. It was the most successful album of Eminem at that year with some hits songs ”’My Name Is’, ’97 Bonnie and Clyde’ and ‘Guilty Conscience’.

In 2000, Eminem released another album called ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’,. This sold 2 million copies in the first week of release. The collection incorporated the record-breaking hit ‘The Real Slim Shady’, which bested the diagrams notwithstanding ridiculously offending different artists.

That year, the acclaimed rapper included in ‘8 Mile’, a motion picture construct freely in light of his life, however, the artiste guarantees generally.

From 2001 to 2004 the famous rapper brought out many many successful albums like ‘The Eminem Show’, and ‘Encore’. These two albums contain some hit songs like ‘Without Me’, ‘Superman’, ‘Mockingbird’, and ‘Just Lose It’. He also helped Dr Dre in many songs like  ‘Grammy’ winning ‘Forgot About Dre’ at the time of releasing his albums.

In 2006, Eminem released another album called ‘ The Re-Up’. It was an album of compiled songs. That year he also appeared in BET awards and singing a song titled ‘Touch It’. Eminem also sang a song ‘My Life’ for different albums like 50 Cent, by Akon and Lil Wayne. ‘This song was the most memorable and hit song. After two years Eminem released a book named ‘The Way I Am’ about his career and life. The personal history additionally gives perusers the verses for tunes like ‘The Real Slim Shady’, and ‘Stan’. The autobiography also gives readers the lyrics for songs like ‘The Real Slim Shady’, and ‘Stan’.

In 2009-2010, Eminem produced more studio albums ‘Relapse’, and ‘Recovery’. ‘Relapse’ boasts of hit songs like ‘Beautiful’, and ‘We Made You’ and ‘Recovery’ was the most famous digital album ever. The recovery album consists of songs like ‘No Love’, ‘Love the Way You Lie’, ‘Not Afraid’ and featuring singer Rihanna with his fellow rapper Lil Wayne.

In 2014, the sensational rapper announced another album ‘SHADYXV’, featuring some hit songs like ‘Guts Over Fear’ and ‘Detroit Vs. Everybody’. In the first week of releasing the album sold 138,000 copies.

He also produced an album in 2015 consisting of ten discs titled ‘The VINYL LPS’, containing his all albums released by Eminem.

The rapper-artist also took participation in many movies like ‘The Wash’, ‘Funny People’, and ‘The Interview’. He also appeared in a TV show called ‘Entourage’.

5) Personal Life

The rapper-artist Eminem became friend with Kimberley Anne Scott, a friend of his sister Dawn, living in his mother house. He was fifteen years old when he became friend with Kimberley Anne Scott. The young couple fell in love and became parents in 1995 by giving birth to a daughter Hailie.

In 1999 they got married, but the relationship between the couples was always turbulent. They got divorced and remarried several times. Eminem was the first rapper who appeared on the front page of a magazine called ‘The Source’ magazine.

In 2008, his mother released a book about his son named ‘My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem’, in which she wrote that how she took her son to a higher position and saw his fame.

The lyrics of rapper artist Eminem are considered homophobic. He fell several times in trouble due to his songs. But he said that they are just songs furthermore, he has no protest to individuals being gay people.

Eminem also established a foundation named ‘The Marshall Mathers Foundation’. it is a charitable organization and his aim is to help underprivileged adults. This establishment getting help from attorney Norman Yatooma’s charitable trust.

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6) Eminem Net Worth

According to Forbes and other sources, Eminem net worth is estimated to be $190 million.

Eminem net worth, biography, age, height, wife, daughter, albums, family

  • Real Name                           Marshall Bruce Mathers III
  • Age                                       45 years
  • Height                                   1.73 m
  • Education                             Lincoln High School
  • Ethnicity                                American
  • Net Worth                             $190 million
  • Nationality                            American
  • Albums                                 The Marshall Mathers LP, Relapse, Recovery, Infinite etc

Eminem Family

  • Mother                                  Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers
  • Father                                   Marshall Bruce Mathers
  • Brother                                  Michael Mathers
  • Sister                                    Sarah Mathers
  • Wife                                      Kimberley Anne Scott
  • Daughter                               Alaina Marie Mathers, Whitney Scott Mathers, Hailie Jade

We tried for accuracy about Eminem net worth and biography. If you find anything that does not look right, You can contact us or do comment below.

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